Our Mission

At Layer 8 Masters, our mission is to host premier events that bring together top minds in cybersecurity, IT, and risk management. We aim to provide valuable insights and solutions to help attendees stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Our events offer a platform for industry leaders, researchers, and practitioners to exchange ideas and develop innovative solutions to pressing cybersecurity challenges. We strive to create an inclusive, educational, and engaging environment for learning and networking.

We are dedicated to strengthening the cybersecurity community and helping organizations protect their critical assets and customers from cyber threats.

If you’ve attended our events before, you know we are very selective in choosing venues. Here are the criteria we consider:

PCS Speaker
  • We prefer event venues near a beach or marina, popular with our attendees.
  • We prioritize quiet, clean, and modern environments for focused learning.
  • Our professional AV team ensures high-quality audio and video in every room.
  • Courteous and skilled staff cater to your needs during the event and Happy Hour.
  • We offer diverse food options, including carnivore, omnivore, and vegetarian choices, ensuring no one leaves hungry.
At Layer 8 Masters, we strive to make your conference experience memorable and ensure you look forward to our future events.

Our Team

Layer8Masters LLC was founded by cybersecurity experts Richard Greenberg, Haral Tsitsivas, Alexander Braehler, and David Wettenstein, who have extensive experience organizing cybersecurity events. Richard and David also serve on the board of the Los Angeles Chapter of the ISSA. With over a decade of volunteer work in not-for-profits, they have dedicated thousands of hours to ongoing education. Layer8Masters LLC leverages their expertise to address the critical challenges of cybersecurity and privacy in the 21st century.

We distinguish ourselves from typical trade shows and conferences by carefully selecting speakers based on merit. Our speakers are chosen for their expertise and contributions to the field, ensuring high-quality, relevant content. This commitment to excellence provides a valuable and unique experience for our attendees.

four Layer 8 Masters
Richard Greenberg
Richard Greenberg

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Greenberg, CEO of Security Advisors LLC, was a CISO for 15 years. He was recognized as a Distinguished Fellow by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) International, is in their Hall of Fame, and was also awarded their Honor Roll designation.

Richard has been Chair of the ISSA-LA Security Summit and all the AppSec California conferences, was a planner for AppSec USA, and also formed the Women in Security Forum and the Healthcare Security and Privacy Forum. Richard has served as an elected member of the OWASP Global Board of Directors and was leader of the OWASP Los Angeles Chapter.

You may have heard Richard’s interview as a Cyber Security expert on Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy podcast: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/the-ron-burgundy-podcast-30270227/episode/cyber-security-47951911/.

Haral Tsitsivas
Haral Tsitsivas

Chief Security Officer

Haral Tsitsivas is a cybersecurity leader and software developer with 40+ years of IT and software development and 20+ years of systems and software security experience, specializing in threat modeling, product security reviews and assessments.

Haral has been an Orange County OWASP chapter leader, served on the board of the OWASP Outreach Committee and was the Vice-Chair of the OWASP Chapter Committee.

Dave Wettenstein
Dave Wettenstein

Chief Financial Officer

David Wettenstein is active member of the information security community in Southern California for over a decade, and board member for several Not-for-Profit (NFP) organizations such as Information System Security Association (ISSA) and Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Los Angeles Chapter. He was the treasurer for High Tech Crimes Investigation Association (HTCIA SoCal) and helped other NFPs, BSides Los Angeles, AppSec California and ISSA.LA Summits organize their conferences.

David has over three decades of IT/IS experience helping for SMB and large enterprises build and architect their digital footprints. He has earned an MBA and continued his education with various technical certifications including computer forensics.

Alexander Braehler
Alexander Braehler

Chief Operating Officer

Alexander Braehler, a Certified Cyber Security Architect with extensive experience, has been in IT and Security consulting for SMBs and enterprises since 1986. Active in the information security community since 2011, he served as 1st VP and Chapter President of HTCIA’s Southern California chapter, and is involved with FBI Infragard, USSS CFTF, and the Cloud Security Alliance. Alexander has also been a key member of the OWASP L.A. and ISSA L.A. conference planning committees.