October 20 2022


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Robert HansenRobert Hansen

Robert is a 27-year veteran in computer security, known to many in the industry by handle “RSnake”. Robert started his career at eBay, where he was responsible for authentication as well as most anti-fraud systems and anti-phishing technologies. His work at eBay was later built into every modern web browser and is now protecting every Internet user as a result. His ha.ckers.org was at one point responsible for a third of all the top-ranked web vulnerabilities.
At SecTheory he hacked into the back ends of over 2,100 banks, credit card processors, flight control systems, SCADA (water and power) control systems, and other security companies. During this time, Robert also built the most secure web application security hosting platform in the world at Falling Rock Networks, surviving over 15 million attacks in 8 years.
Most recently, Robert’s corporate intelligence platform, OutsideIntel, was acquired by Bit Discovery after which he became the CTO. Robert has worked as a floating CISO for multiple companies and sits on advisory boards of multiple technology and security companies such as Arkose Labs. Robert is most recently the host of The RSnake Show.

Robert Hansen became the CTO of Bit Discovery after his company OutsideIntel was acquired. Mr. Hansen has worked for Digital Island, Exodus Communications and Cable & Wireless beginning as a Sr. Security Architect and eventually leading managed security services product management. He also worked at eBay as a Sr. Global Product Manager of Trust and Safety, focusing on anti-phishing, anti-malware and anti-virus. Later he was the VP of Labs for Whitehat Security. Robert currently sits on the technical advisory board of and contributes to the security strategy of several startup companies as a virtual CISO and Innovation Officer. Mr. Hansen ran the web application security lab at ha.ckers.org, and authored/co-authored several books.

Jeff WilliamsJeff Williams

Jeff brings more than 20 years of security leadership experience as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Contrast Security. Previously, Jeff was co-founder and CEO of Aspect Security, a successful and innovative application security consulting company acquired by EY.  Jeff is also a founder and major contributor to OWASP, where he served as Global Chairman for 10 years and created the OWASP Top 10 and several other popular open-source projects. Jeff serves as an advisor to the PCI Council, NIST, OASIS, CycloneDX, OWASP Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, Linux Foundation, and many companies and agencies on application security. Jeff has a BA from Virginia, an MA from George Mason, and a JD from Georgetown.
Please connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/planetlevel/

Ksenia PegueroKsenia Peguero, PhD

Ksenia Peguero, Ph.D. is a Senior Research Manager with Synopsys Software Integrity Group, where she leads a team of researchers and engineers working on static analysis and security of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. Her expertise ranges from web stack, to mobile languages, to cloud environments, to infrastructure as code. Before diving into research, Ksenia had a consulting career in a variety of software security practices covering penetration testing, threat modeling, code review, and static analysis tool customization and deployment. During her decade in application security, she performed numerous engagements for clients in financial services, entertainment, telecommunications, and enterprise security industries. Throughout her journey, Ksenia has established and evolved secure coding guidance and practices for many firms, developed and delivered numerous software security trainings, and presented at conferences around the world, such as RSA, OWASP AppSec Global, TheWebConf, BSides Security, Nullcon, and LocoMocoSec. She has also served on review boards of OWASP AppSec USA, EU, and Global conferences. Ksenia holds a Ph.D. from George Washington University.

Adam ShostackAdam Shostack

Adam is a leading expert on threat modeling, and a consultant, author and game designer. He has decades of experience delivering security. His experience ranges across the business world from founding startups to nearly a decade at Microsoft.
His accomplishments include: Helped create the CVE. Fixing Autorun. Lead the design and delivery of the Microsoft SDL Threat Modeling Tool (v3). Created the Elevation of Privilege threat modeling game. Wrote Threat Modeling: Designing for Security. Co-authored The New School of Information Security.
While not consulting or training, Shostack serves as an advisor to a variety of companies and academic institutions and is an Affiliate Professor at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington.

Micky BolandMicki Boland

Micki Boland is a global cyber security warrior and evangelist with Check Point Technologies Office of the CTO. Micki has over 20 years in ICT, system engineering and cybersecurity. Micki’s focus is helping customers, system integrators, and service providers reduce risk through the adoption of emerging cybersecurity technologies. Micki is an ISC2 CISSP and holds a Master of Science in Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MBA with global security concentration from East Carolina University.

Richard GreenbergRichard Greenberg

Richard, a well-known Cyber Security leader, evangelist, advisor, and speaker, brings over 30 years of management experience, including being a CISO for 15 years. He is an ISSA International Distinguished Fellow, is on their Honor Roll, and is president of the ISSA Los Angeles Chapter. He has been on the OWASP Global Bd, and led the OWASP LA Chapter for many years.

You may have heard Richard’s interview as a Cyber Security expert on Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy podcast:

Richard is the Founder and CEO of Security Advisors LLC, which offers security risk assessments and network and application penetration testing, allowing organizations to continuously assess their internal and external cyber risk posture and meet compliance requirements.

No stranger to the boardroom, analyst, and investor community, Laz is an early stage investor and advisor to some of the most innovative companies in technology and cyber security. He is a Tech Partner at Rally Ventures and advises companies about trends with technology, cyber security, and go-to-market strategies.

Sam StepanyanSam Stepanyan

Sam Stepanyan is an OWASP London Chapter Leader and an Independent Application Security Consultant with over 20 years
of experience in the IT industry with a background in software engineering and web application development.
Sam has worked for various financial services institutions in the City of London specializing in Application
Security consulting, Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), developer training, source code reviews and
vulnerability management. He is also a Subject Matter Expert in Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and SIEM systems.
Sam holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and a CISSP certification.

John DicksonJohn Dickson, CISSP

John Dickson is the Vice President of Security Solution Architecture at Coalfire. John, along with his two business partners Sheridan Chambers and Dan Cornell, led the successful acquisition of Denim Group by Coalfire in June 2021. He currently sits on the White House Working group for Software Security to implement the software supply components of the President Executive Order. John has been a trusted security consultant for Fortune 1000 companies for over two decades at companies such as Trident Data Systems, KPMG, SecureLogix Corporation, Denim Group, and now Coalfire. John is a former U.S. Air Force officer where he served in the Air Force Information Warfare Center and was a member of the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team. A Distinguished Fellow of the International Systems Security Association, he has been a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) since 1998.

Dan KuykendallDan Kuykendall

Dan has been focused on application security and building application security software for more than 20 years as one of the founders, Co-Ceo and CTO of NT OBJECTives and then into Rapid7. He leads the development of Rapid7’s InsightAppSec & AppSpider (formerly NTOSpider) products and is responsible for the innovation and leadership of application security products at Rapid7.

Tanya JancaTanya Janca

Tanya Janca, also known as ‘SheHacksPurple‘, is the best-selling author of ‘Alice and Bob Learn Application Security’. She is the Director of Developer Relations and Community at Bright Security, as well as the founder of We Hack Purple, an online learning community that revolves around teaching everyone to create secure software.
Tanya has been coding and working in IT for over twenty five years, won countless awards, and has been everywhere from public service to tech giants, writing software, leading communities, founding companies and ‘securing all the things’. She is an award-winning public speaker, active blogger & streamer and has delivered hundreds of talks on 6 continents. She values diversity, inclusion, and kindness, which shines through in her countless initiatives.

Marnie WilkingMarnie Wilking

Marnie Wilking is a board member and Fortune 250 CISO with more than twenty years of experience aligning cybersecurity strategy with business objectives. Most recently she was the Global Head of Cybersecurity and IT Risk for Wayfair. Marnie currently serves on the Board of Directors for Robert Half, International; non-profit organizations RH-ISAC and CyberCrime Support Network; and advises several cybersecurity startup companies. Prior to Wayfair, Marnie was Global CISO for Orion Health; Director of Security Governance and Compliance for Early Warning; and Business Information Security Officer for Wells Fargo Mortgage. She holds the CISSP, CISA, and CISM designations, as well as an MBA in Technology Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Statistics.

Trina FordTrina Ford

Trina is the Senior Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer for AEG Worldwide. She has over 20 years experience designing and implementing best-in-class, enterprise-wide security, risk, and compliance programs at top-tier, global fortune 500 companies, both public and private. She has a very diverse background spanning multiple industries from retail, hospitality, financial services to entertainment.
Trina has served as a senior leader in numerous strategic leadership roles, namely Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Business Security Officer, Vice President Global Integrated Risk, Head of Vendor & Third-Party Risk Management, and Senior Manager, IT Security and Compliance. She has held responsibility for advising Boards, Clients, and Senior Business Executives on the cyber threat landscape and the impact of emerging risks/threats to the industry and organizations. Trina is known as a thought leader in the risk, security, and compliance fields and serves as an accomplished speaker, routinely invited to speak on cyber and risks topics.

Mary WangMary Wang

Ms. Mary Wang is a software engineering manager at Northrop Grumman Space Systems. She has over 20 years of software engineering and cybersecurity experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Master’s in Business Administration. Her certifications include an ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and CompTIA Security+. She is the winner of the 2019 Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC) President’s Award. She is also the WSC Southern California Chapter Operations Lead.
Ms. Wang has given multiple software engineering presentations at technical symposiums and cybersecurity presentations at local security organizations and conferences. She is an active member of OWASP Los Angeles, OWASP Orange County, ISSA Los Angeles, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Los Angeles, South Bay Web App Security Project (SBWASP) and Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu organizations.
She likes nature, travel and working out in a gym.