October 20 2022


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Ksenia PegueroKsenia Peguero, PhD

Ksenia Peguero, Ph.D. is a Senior Research Manager within Synopsys Software Integrity Group, where she leads a team of researchers and engineers working on static analysis and security of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies, ranging from Java, to JavaScript, to Swift, to cloud environments, and infrastructure as code.
Before diving into research, Ksenia had a consulting career in a variety of software security practices covering penetration testing, threat modeling, code review, and static analysis tool customization and deployment. During her decade in application security, she performed numerous engagements for clients in financial services, entertainment, telecommunications, and enterprise security industries.
Throughout her journey, Ksenia has established and evolved secure coding guidance and practices for many firms, developed and delivered numerous software security trainings, and presented at conferences around the world, such as RSA, OWASP AppSec Global, TheWebConf, BSides Security, Nullcon, and LocoMocoSec. She has also served on review boards of OWASP AppSec USA, EU, and Global conferences.

Adam ShostackAdam Shostack

Adam is a leading expert on threat modeling, and a consultant, author and game designer. He has decades of experience delivering security. His experience ranges across the business world from founding startups to nearly a decade at Microsoft.
His accomplishments include: Helped create the CVE. Fixing Autorun. Lead the design and delivery of the Microsoft SDL Threat Modeling Tool (v3). Created the Elevation of Privilege threat modeling game. Wrote Threat Modeling: Designing for Security. Co-authored The New School of Information Security.
While not consulting or training, Shostack serves as an advisor to a variety of companies and academic institutions and is an Affiliate Professor at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington.

Micky BolandMicki Boland

Micki Boland is a global cyber security warrior and evangelist with Check Point Technologies Office of the CTO. Micki has over 20 years in ICT, system engineering and cybersecurity. Micki’s focus is helping customers, system integrators, and service providers reduce risk through the adoption of emerging cybersecurity technologies. Micki is an ISC2 CISSP and holds a Master of Science in Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MBA with global security concentration from East Carolina University.