July 13 2022


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11:00 AM – 11:07 AM (PDT):
Richard Greenberg

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11:10 AM – 12:00 AM (PDT):
Ira Winkler

Opening Keynote:
The Metaverse of Vulnerability

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Roundtable Discussions:

2:25 PM – 3:05 PM (PDT):
Josh Sokol

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Moderator: Richard Greenberg

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Talk Descriptions:

Horizon Level Room

11:10 AM – 12:00 PM (PDT)

“The Metaverse of Vulnerability”

Ira Winkler

The metaverse is the latest technology that most companies are at least considering exploiting as a major business driver. Theoretically, it will enable commerce and communications, and will be a major way to engage with consumers, professionals, and the world as a whole. Of course, this brings a variety of cybersecurity, some obvious and some not.The many experiences from Second Life to multiplayer games and Zoom have shown many vulnerabilities, both technical and operational. This webcast will walk through the history of the metaverses, past incidents, the obvious and non-obvious vulnerabilities, and guidance for being proactive in dealing with the vulnerabilities.

Horizon Level Room

1:20 PM – 2:20 PM (PDT)

Roundtable Discussion:
“Tactics for Managing the CyberSecurity Talent Shortage”

Larry Lidz

One challenge has been plaguing CISOs and security teams for years: the lack of security talent. With demand for security professionals increasing faster than the talent supply, this issue was already top of mind for security leaders even before the pandemic. Now more companies moving to a “hire security professionals anywhere we can” mentality, causing the competition for security talent to change dramatically over the past year. Effective security leaders have made significant changes to their talent strategy to keep up. In this round table participants will share the tactics and approaches that they have found successful to attract, retain, develop, and hire top talent in the current environment.

Horizon Level Room

1:20 PM – 2:20 PM (PDT)

“Getting rid of Legacy VPNs and moving to more Modern Approaches”

Brett Cumming

VPN solutions have long been the go to method for enabling remote and third party access to corporate networks and applications. With ever increasing cloud and SaaS adoption, and a growing portfolio of alternatives from VDIaaS, to SSE/ZTNA and enterprise browsers, is now the right time to be moving to a more modern approach? Join this session to discuss the future role of VPN in our technology portfolio and what alternatives are being planned or may already be in use today.

Horizon Level Room

1:20 PM – 2:20 PM (PDT)

Roundtable Discussion:
“Watching the watchers: how do we evaluate the strength, efficacy and overall deliverable of our MDR/MDX vendors?”

John Rojas

How can a small team ensure that vendors are delivering on their promises and that you are as protected as you hope?

Horizon Level Room

1:20 PM – 2:20 PM (PDT)

Roundtable Discussion:
“Digital Transformation: Benefits and Threats”

Brian Vasquez

In today’s world, technology is becoming embedded in almost every aspect of the organization. Digital transformation strategies help to enable the organization to develop a roadmap to modernize enterprise applications, discover new opportunities for providing products and services, increase business efficiencies, and overall improve the customer experience. By embracing this new digital landscape, the organization will be able to redesign and redefine the business from the inside out.
This session aims to discuss the potential benefits and threats that CISOs need to be aware of while executing a digital transformation strategy for the organization.

Horizon Level Room

2:25 PM – 3:05 PM (PDT)

“Measuring Cybersecurity Maturity”

Josh Sokol

We were tasked with creating a roadmap for the National Instruments Information Security Program. While we had previously used a Gartner Maturity Model to figure out how far along our organization was, we found their recommendations to be too high level to define an actionable roadmap. After some discussion, we determined that we could use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to not only assess our maturity, but also define risk in our environment, and create a roadmap. This talk will not only show you how we did it, but how you can do it too!

Horizon Level Room

3:20 PM – 4:10 PM (PDT)

“CISO Panel”

Moderator: Richard Greenberg

Hear thought provoking discussion about important areas that we are all concerned about: Zero Trust, Ransomware, Compliance vs Security, and the challenges associated with them. Our panel will share their experiences and be ready to field your questions.

Horizon Level Room

4:15 PM – 5:05 PM (PDT)

“Cyber Warfare 2022 the Next Level $#@! You need to know in today’s cyber battleground”

Micki Boland

Nation States, Non-Nation State Actors, Hacktivists, enterprise cyber criminals, shadow government agencies, terrorist organizations, loosely affiliated groups are using this next level $#@! as we speak to conduct cyber warfare: irregular warfare and proxy attacks, disinformation and disruption campaigns, “truth decay” (‎RAND Corp); to manipulate and influence public opinion, foment criminal violence; infiltrate organizations to conduct fraud, scam, and harass; socially engineer; highjack legitimate real human accounts for impersonation; and to distribute malware. These are very interesting times we are living in and this is the new cyber battleground.

Audience: all, CIO, CISO, cybersecurity execs.

Horizon Level Room

5:20 PM – 6:10 PM (PDT)

“Multi-jurisdictional Legal Risks Under the New Security Landscape”

Adriana Sanford

The increasingly complex security landscape includes global privacy laws that vary in depth and breadth. Much legislation does not explicitly list the types of processing that is likely to result in high risk. Subtle differences in foreign legislation can have a significant impact on US businesses.
Gain a basic understanding of legal issues and risks that should be considered when working remotely, re-acclimating onsite workforces, and entering new markets (GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, and other privacy laws).